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about me

Meet Dorian Fuller, a seasoned professional who once navigated the choppy waters of Compliance for top-tier financial giants including Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Bank of America, and RBC Capital Markets. However, Dorian's career took a compelling turn in response to a troubling upsurge in racial violence and hate crimes. Motivated by his deep-seated passion for social justice, he made the leap to fully invest his energy in the realms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

With a suitcase full of corporate strategy knowledge and experience in establishing solid control frameworks, Dorian transitioned from the Compliance Department to the Human Resources Department at BNP Paribas USA. Here, he stepped into the shoes of Head of Diversity Recruitment, a role allowing him to intertwine his passion for DEI with his knack for business strategy. In this capacity, Dorian's principal mission is to architect and execute robust, data-informed strategies to attract a diverse array of talent.

Academically, Dorian stands tall with a Bachelor's Degree in English and Philosophy from St. John's University, along with an MBA from the reputable Johnson School of Business at Cornell University.

In 2021, Dorian's influence in BNP Paribas USA extended to include supervision over Internal Mobility. Taking the wheel in this role, Dorian ensures the promotion and enhancement of BNP's culture of mobility as a crucial aspect of the employee experience, through thoughtful programming, innovative strategies, and direct counsel to facilitate effective internal transitions.

Beyond BNP, Dorian is a trusted advisor to universities and multinational corporations on DEI strategy and best practices. Furthermore, he proudly wears the hat of Co-Founder and Chairman of the Brother’s Alliance for Social Empowerment (B.A.S.E.), a community-focused non-profit. B.A.S.E. concentrates on delivering vital services to those communities often left in the shadows.


Speaker & Corporate Trainer




The Brave Spaces for Brave Conversations Facilitator Training program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively facilitate conversations on uncomfortable topics within a safe and inclusive environment. This comprehensive training empowers facilitators to lead discussions that delve into sensitive subjects while maintaining a respectful and secure space for all participants.

Facilitators will learn:

- Essential techniques and strategies to navigate challenging conversations

- Understand principles and practices to create comfortable spaces

- Active listening techniques

- Empathy

- Open-mindedness

By completing this training, facilitators will emerge with the necessary skills to create and maintain a brave space for conversations on uncomfortable topics. They will possess the ability to lead discussions with confidence, foster inclusivity, and ensure that diverse perspectives are heard and respected. Ultimately, these trained facilitators will play a vital role in promoting understanding, empathy, and growth within their communities.

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